Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Chicago
at ONE Central

The partnership between Hard Rock and Landmark Development is prepared to invest in the future of Chicago and its residents, proposing a privately-financed world-class Hard Rock casino, luxury hotel and Hard Rock Live, which will be operated by Hard Rock, the most recognized entertainment brand in the world. Hard Rock is known for its leadership in gaming, entertainment and hospitality experiences. Importantly, Hard Rock has been successful in over 70 countries and has achieved this through respectful engagement with the local governments and communities it serves. Hard Rock takes special care to ensure that its buildings, while iconic and exciting, fit with the fabric of the local culture and environment and drive long-term economic benefits for the community.

Project Vision

ONE Central unlocks immediate job growth in the construction trades and creates massive permanent career opportunities across all industries during the operations phase from 2025 and beyond based. This is based upon public infrastructure investment by the private sector, establishment of a unique destination-caliber urban entertainment district, with accompanying experiential, lifestyle and neighborhood amenities, and opening up the opportunity for future private vertical development.

Economic Highlights

  • 19,000 new construction and related industry jobs
  • 68,000 new permanent jobs on site across all industries
  • 78,000 additional job opportunities in the South Side neighborhoods
  • 6:1 Return on Investment in public-private partnership structure
  • $77.7 billion in new tax revenue to the State

Program Highlights

  • 3,300 seat Hard Rock Live
  • 14 Food & Beverage Offerings
  • 500 World Class Designed rooms
  • Rich and Vibrant Gaming Experience
  • 33,700 Square Foot Luxury Spa/Salon/Fitness Center






12,000 SF

Project Team

We create destinations that transform communities.

The Hard Rock Chicago Entertainment District and ONE Central development aim to be among the most sustainable mixed-use environments in the country; a true Urban Innovation Development. For more than a decade, cities across the globe have been experimenting with various technologies and applications in an effort to improve quality of life measurable for their businesses, residents and visitors. What will set apart the next generation of “smart cities” and developments will be the ability to truly integrate people with the technology and place in a way that achieves more meaningful and measurable outcomes. By leveraging the unique intersection of people-place-technology that converge at ONE Central, the foundation of a new definition of smart development is being formed – a place where urban lifestyle and quality of life have tangible and measurable benefits to the urban dweller, employers and the visitor of tomorrow.

Minority Ownership Structure

Hard Rock Chicago will be one of the largest (if not the largest) M/W/DBE-owned infrastructure and community investments in the United States. Together with the City of Chicago, we will establish a new paradigm for real equity and inclusion at a scale not seen before in Chicago or across the United States.

The Loop | Landmark M/W/DBE Developer entity ownership structure and capital investment in Hard Rock Chicago is uniquely tied to the broader infrastructure financing associated with ONE Central.  Major economic development initiatives like ONE Central create opportunities and scale for minority, women, disabled and veteran investment that stand-alone projects simply cannot achieve.

SouthSideWORKS & Community Outreach

SouthSideWORKS is a comprehensive Economic Opportunity Program envisioned by Landmark and Chicago Urban League as part of the State P3 law and made possible by the ONE Central development project. It is being designed to build and sustain capacity among targeted businesses (M/W/DBE’s) and workforce during both the construction and operations phases of ONE Central and creates opportunity for more inclusive economic development and wealth building – for generations.

The Community Outreach and Engagement component of the program establishes a means of communicating M/W/DBE contracting and employment opportunities to the businesses and workers identified during the Market Assessment and Capacity Analysis under existing Chicago Urban League programs.

Traffic & Transportation Infrastructure

The site offers ample space for Hard Rock Chicago and other numerous office and residential towers in a project which will reshape the city’s already iconic skyline, with the potential for up to 20 million sq. ft. of commercial space at project completion.

#1 Transit Hub in America

Music Memorabilia

At Hard Rock, memorabilia isn’t something to admire on a wall. Rock-n-roll is a spirit, not a specific sound, and memorabilia is that attitude on display. It’s a way to identify who we are and who we serve.

About Hard Rock

Hard Rock has 249 venues spanning 67 countries around the world and is known for its community engagement and respect for local culture and custom. Hard Rock effectively integrates the Hard Rock brand with the legendary products and services to bring unique experiences to every country in which Hard Rock operates in. Hard Rock views this as a major differentiator when compared with the competition, especially in a region so steeped in music history. No other casino company has the global brand awareness and operational expertise that Hard Rock enjoys.